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How to find the right fabric 

There are many ways to find the perfect fabric:

Side bar criteria:

You can select by composition, outfit, technical characteristics and design. Also, you can input a range of fabric weight and/or a range of price per meter. All these criterias are AND: so you can find a fabric either by this AND that criteria. Remember to clear the criterias to change range of products to be displayed.
Search field: simply input the item number you already know or any generic textile term in english: all the items related will be showed then.


In the menu bar there's a tab that brings you to the general catalogue of all fabrics.

Featured items:

In home page there's a display for the featured items.

Top rated categories:

Right below the featured items there's a display for the top rated categories.

We can find for you:

In case above methods can’t help you in find fabrics that fit your needing, once you are registered click on Can’t find the fabric you were looking for? We can find for you! By this tool you can send us the specifications, pictures and videos of the fabric you need. Your request is forwarded to the mills and they submit you their proposals.

How to get the samples 

You need to register on the website to receive your free samples.
You can register before, during and after your selection is done.
Fill all the fields and save your password.
In case you need to ship samples to a different address than the main address, click on Add/modify destination. This is also used for multiple selections.

Multiple selections 

You may need to have your samples shipped to separate destinations. To do so, add the fabrics to the wish list, and split them to each single wish list.
Once one wishlist is complete, click on (convert list into cart). Now your cart is filled by the items that were on your wishlist. If you didn't create a new address, go into your account and add here the new address (see above), now when you go back to the cart, click on "ship now, it's free", and select the destination.