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Frequently asked questions visitors put to about how to get samples, and how to transform them in fabric and then in fashion

Samples selection


Is There a limit in the number of items/samples that one can order ?
You can order unlimited number of free swatches. Depending of the availability of the fabric, you could receive less samples than what you ordered on the website

Is there a charge for the samples I request?
All our samples are free of charge.

I can't find the fabric I need. How can I submit your suppliers my request?
Through this section of the website you can send a specific request of your needings, by send description and pictures or video too.

Delivery of the samples


Will all the ordered samples be delivered in a single parcel ?
All the mills who received your request will send his own set of samples. So you could receive from one to dozens parcels. Each parcel will include a recap sheet where you can find the item code you ordered on the website, together wil the mill's code, because mills have different coding to the website. The sheet will also include the contact details of every mill.

Will the parcel be coming wherever ordered by the buyers ?
Of course, samples are sent to the address you decide. In your account you can set multiple delivery addresses, and decide order by order where the samples have to be shipped.

In case I don't receive a sample ordered, what should I do?
The website always controls that each single request is properly sent out, but we recommend to advise in case of missed samples.

Is there any shipping charge?
Absolutely not. Free samples do not even need to make customs clearance.

After samples: let's make a bulk order of fabric


Do the mills have an agent in my area? Is it helping or affecting our business?
Wherever a mill has a local representative agent he could be introduced and be your contact person with the mill. In case mill have not an agent there, you will be followed up by mill sales department

Where should I buy the fabric related to the samples I chosen?
Once you receive samples, the offer sheet attached include the contact person and all the datas to process your order directly from the producer.

Is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
The minimum order quantity without surcharge is 50 linear meters per color. In some exceptional cases mills could require different minimums, any different condition than what is advised on is advised in the offer sheet received with the samples

How should I know the available quantity of the fabrics in which I'm interested?
Available quantity can change every day, once you are almost ready to buy the fabric, better contact the supplier, because the fabric could be sold out, or its production could be easy or hard to set in such period.

Should I buy as Company, or just like a private person ?
Fabrics has to be sold to a Company because some suppliers can't sell to individuals, and in any case you should be charged for the VAT tax (currently 22%)

Can I pay by credit card/revolver card/paypal and other electronic payment methods?
Mills normally don't have electronic payment instruments, but they are moving to updated tools, you may ask case by case.

How are fabrics certified and inspected ?
The fabrics presented on have been inspected by Vichi Focus, an independent inspection service and all fabric compositions are guaranteed by Laboratorio Brachi.
Those free services add value to your fabrics: we guarantee you a low number of defects and their position along the fabric, so you can cut around and save fabric. Also, composition certification avoids you the mislabelling of the garments you are going to produce.

How to ship bulk orders


Can orders be consolidated into a single shipment ?
For  orders and payments you have to deal separately by mill. For transport consolidation we suggest you to contact Alpi who can collect and consolidate the shipment for you.

Who is the forwarder in charge for shipment ?
Mills will ship the samples free of charge throught Alpi Express. Commercial quantities are sold EXWORKS so, in case you do not have agreements with shipping companies, mill have to add the cost of shipment DAP (delivered at place). In such conditions you only need to clear the customs duties if due. Shipping companies like Albini & Pitigliani always can do this for you, in case you need assistance in the process.

After sale


What happen in case I buy some fabric and it's different from original sample received, or in case it has unexpected defects?
For any concern regarding goods bought in consequence of samples ordered on, you always need to contact the mill at the contact address they provided with the samples. Also, you should always cc which overviews to the regularity of all transactions.

Is attending any International Fair ?
Yes, we usually attend the main fairs in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to know where we can meet each other.

How can I contact ?
All comunications and general inquiries can be made through the contact form