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About us
Expopratoweb is a start up, limited Company based in Prato. It manages the website for the promotion of fabrics produced by the most important mills of one the most important Italian textile district.
The Company was founded in 2015 by the seven first mills and the two Project Managers Fabio Fontani and Alessandro Vannini, who contributed with more than 50 years of experience in textile and internet promotion. Actualy more then 30 mills agree with our idea and we're upgrading the concept and our brand.

Our service is for professionals and companies of fashion industry. Every request of samples is evaluated to understand if it’s related to our free service. We kindly ask you to make us understand your profile, supplying the correct info we need to evaluate your request. In case we do not retrieve enough information, we do not process the request of free samples. For design and fashion students, please visit the section fashion school on our website.

Five key sponsors decided to join the concept.
Multidata: software house located in Prato, leader in textile industry managing software, and development of its web interface. Through the Multidata software, mills can directly display items on
Vichi Focus All fabrics displayed on have been already inspected by Gruppo Vichi, who mapped defects and stated width and weight. 
Laboratorio Brachi: guarantees the composition of all products displyed on
Banca Sella: founded 150 years ago in Biella, the other italian textile district, is famous since 2000 for the safest ecommerce payment service in Italy. 
Albini & Pitigliani: absolutely the first carrier in Italy with branches almost everywhere worldwide, Alpi Express delivers samples requested by visitors of, as well as can support young fashion companies who first time approach to the import matters.

Related projects
Expopratoweb is developing other websites, social media pages and mobile apps for fashion and textile market.