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The best italian mills together to show you the widest and assorted range of made in italy fabrics available online.
You can select up to four technical aspects, refine the search by weight and price per meter or input generic fashion terms.
Add the results to your cart, split your selections to different destinations.
In few days free samples are shipped for free. You are ready to make up your collection!
Should you not find the fabric you are looking for, put your enquire directly to the mills by uploading a picture, video or brief description and all mills browse for you among millions opportunity into their archives or will create the fabric you need.
featured items
blazer jacket skirt trousers fancy melange piece dyed woven plain texture
jacket shirt skirt trousers bright fancy piece dyed solid woven plain texture
blazer jacket fancy jacquard melange woven yarn dyed chanel chenille texture tweed
blazer coat jacket melange piece dyed solid yarn dyed boiled wool plain texture velour
jacket shirt trousers piece dyed solid gabardine texture
blazer coat jacket piece dyed solid flannel velour
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